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SAMPURNA: The Ultimate Organic Manure for Exceptional Crop Nutrition

SAMPURNA organic fertilizer from Prions Biotech is not just your ordinary fertilizer; it is a 100% organic specialist blend designed to supercharge crops and elevate your agricultural success to new heights.

SAMPURNA combines a unique formulation of organic carbon, organic boosters like amino acids, and agriculturally important microorganisms such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria. This potent combination infuses your soil ecosystem with vitality, enhancing both the physico-chemical and biological properties crucial for optimal crop growth.

It not only supplies essential minerals in trace amounts but also incorporates vermi compost, neem cake, castor cake, cocopeat, N.P.K. mobilizing bacteria, enzymes, humic and fulvic substances, amino acids, seaweed, and much more. This carefully curated blend ensures that your crops receive a complete and balanced diet, enabling them to thrive in any farming environment.

With SAMPURNA, you can embark on a sustainable farming journey. Embrace organic agriculture and witness the transformation it brings to your harvests.