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Unlock the Potential of Your Poultry Farm with Innovative Solutions

Prions Biotech's range of cutting-edge poultry solutions designed to revolutionize your poultry farming experience. Our products are carefully crafted to enhance the health, productivity, and overall well-being of your flock, ensuring optimal results for your business. Say goodbye to stress and promote vitality with SE CARE-PR, our remarkable organic selenium anti-stress formula. Boosting your poultry's resilience has never been easier, thanks to the powerful combination of natural ingredients meticulously chosen to enhance their well-being. Calcium deficiency is a thing of the past with CALCIVIT FORTE-PR. This chelated calcium liquid, infused with vitamin D3, is specifically formulated to support the development of strong, healthy bones in your poultry. Achieve superior eggshell quality and promote overall skeletal strength effortlessly. GOUT CARE-PR is your go-to solution for reducing gout-related issues in your poultry. With our innovative formula, you can address this common problem effectively, ensuring the well-being and longevity of your flock.

Ensure optimal health with POULTRY PREMIX-PR, a premium iron supplement designed to prevent anemia and blood loss. By fortifying your poultry's diet with this essential nutrient, you can maintain their energy levels and promote their overall vitality. NUTRI SAC-PR is our advanced formula for gut health revival and immunity boosting. Strengthen your flock's digestive system, enhance nutrient absorption, and equip them with a robust defense against diseases. Boost digestion, improve egg production, and enhance feed conversion rates with POULTRY ZYME-PR. This extraordinary supplement improves gut health, resulting in healthier birds and higher yields for your farm. Combat toxins and keep your poultry safe with the powerful TOXI BIND-PR. Our toxin binder acts as a shield, protecting your flock from harmful substances and ensuring their well-being.

Elevate respiratory health and reduce breathing stress with TYLO CARE-10. This specially formulated product provides targeted support to enhance your poultry's respiration and overall comfort. Experience the benefits of CHICK UP PRO-PR, a vitamin AD3E supplement that promotes healthy growth and development in your chicks. Give them the best start in life and watch them thrive. Unlock the power of NUTRI EGG FORMULA-PR, an unmatched DL-Methionine Omega-3 supplement that ensures superior egg quality and optimal health for chickens in all stages of growth. Maintain optimal gut pH and promote digestive health with ACIDO GUT-PR. This gut acidifier and conditioner, enriched with organic acids, help to create a favorable environment for your poultry's digestion. Instantly energize and eliminate stress with POULTRY ELECTROLYTE-PR. This proven formulation provides your birds with an instant energy boost, improving their well-being and productivity.

Nurture your poultry's liver health with LIVER TON-PR, a premium tonic specially designed to support liver function. Enhance nutrient metabolism and ensure your flock's vitality with this powerful solution. Give your flock an immunity boost with IMMUNE BOOSTER-PR, our acute formulation to strengthen immunity in chicks and poultry. Protect them from diseases and ensure their overall well-being. Experience the proven efficacy of our POULTRY PREMIX-PR, a comprehensive blend of enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics. This unique formulation optimizes digestion, improves nutrient utilization, and enhances the overall health of your birds. Harness the power of nature with NATURAL VITAMIN C, an effective blend of naturally occurring phytogenic extracts that promote health and vitality in your flock.

Experience the difference with Prions Biotech's innovative poultry solutions. Unlock the full potential of your business and take your poultry farming to new heights.