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Enzymes for Wastewater Treatment - Powerful Enzyme Formulations and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Prions Biotech's revolutionary wastewater treatment solutions, designed to transform the way you manage and purify water. Our cutting-edge products have been meticulously developed to deliver exceptional results, offering you a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste water treatment.

Envirozyme-PR, our flagship enzyme formulation, is specifically engineered to target and eliminate waste water contaminants. With its powerful enzymatic action, Envirozyme-PR breaks down complex organic compounds, ensuring efficient decomposition and reducing harmful pollutants. Experience cleaner water, free from unwanted impurities, is thanks to Envirozyme-PR. For anaerobic sewage treatment plants, look no further than Septozyme-PR. This specialized enzyme formulation optimizes the biological degradation process, enhancing the treatment efficiency of sewage plants. Say goodbye to foul odors and hello to a more effective and odor-free sewage treatment system with Septozyme-PR.

Septoclean-PR is our organic cleaning solution, expertly formulated for septic tanks. By harnessing the natural power of enzymes, Septoclean-PR effectively degrades organic waste, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal tank performance. Keep your septic system in top shape with Septoclean-PR. Industrial wastewater contaminated with oil and grease requires a powerful solution, and that's where OILYZYME-FOG comes in. This enzymatically proven formulation is designed to remove oil and grease from both water and solid waste. Witness the remarkable ability of OILYZYME-FOG to tackle stubborn oil and grease, restoring cleanliness to your industrial wastewater.

Crude oil spills can have devastating environmental impacts, but with OILYZYME-PR-HC, recovery is possible. This proven formulation effectively removes oil from soil and water saturated with crude oil. Experience the power of OILYZYME-PR-HC, and restore the beauty and purity of affected areas. Finally, our Pond Sludge Remover, Bio Aqua Clean-PR, offers a unique biological formulation to degrade toxic organic components and improve water quality. This 100% green technology ensures your pond remains clean and healthy, providing a thriving ecosystem for aquatic life.

Transform your waste water treatment process today with Prions Biotech's advanced solutions. Take the first step towards a greener and more efficient future and discover the unparalleled benefits of our innovative products.