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Sugar Enzyme Solutions - Revolution in Sugar Processing

Prions Biotech's revolutionary Sugar Enzyme solutions, meticulously crafted to transform your sugar processing operations and elevate your productivity. Our cutting-edge formulations are designed to deliver unparalleled benefits, ensuring optimal efficiency and exceptional results every step of the way.

Experience the power of DEX-PR, our unique Dextranase formulation. By hydrolyzing the Alpha-1, 6 glucosidic linkage of dextran, DEX-PR effortlessly breaks down complex sugar compounds, streamlining your production process and enhancing sugar quality. Say goodbye to clogging and inefficient processing, and welcome a new era of smooth, high-performance sugar production.

Unlock the true potential of your sugar cane juice processing with HTAA-PR, our exclusive high-temperature endo-alpha amylase formulation. With its remarkable ability to catalyze the release of glucose units from dextrin and oligosaccharide chains, HTAA-PR acts as a sweetness booster, intensifying the flavour and taste of your sugar products. Enjoy enhanced sweetness and customer satisfaction, all while maximizing your juice processing efficiency.

Tired of excessive foam during fermentation? Look no further than FOAM BAN-PR, our environmentally friendly defoaming agent. Crafted using a unique silica formulation, FOAM BAN-PR tackles foam-related challenges head-on, putting an end to excessive foam and ensuring a smooth, controlled fermentation process. Experience the benefits of cleaner, more efficient fermentation, without compromising on environmental sustainability.

For comprehensive wastewater treatment and organism removal, trust CPU COZYME-PR-1. This exceptional silica formulation effectively eliminates contaminants through physical, chemical, and biological means. Experience the power of CPU COZYME-PR-1 as it safeguards your processes, enhances overall efficiency, and promotes a healthier environment.

Take control of your CPU water and optimize your alcohol production with CPU COZYME-PR-2. With its specially designed formulation, this unique product improves alcohol yield and effectively manages process demerits, resulting in increased overall process efficiency. Witness higher yields, reduced inefficiencies, and enhanced profitability.

Discover the power of TECHNOPOL-PR, the premium polymeric Organic Solvent that surpasses traditional ortho-phosphoric acid. As a high-grade substitute, TECHNOPOL-PR delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smooth and efficient operations while minimizing environmental impact.

Revolutionize your sugar processing operations today with Prions Biotech's extraordinary Sugar Enzyme solutions. Experience unrivaled benefits, optimize efficiency, and upgrade your production process now!