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Seaweed Gel Growth Promoter - Magic Gel-PR

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Seaweed Gel Growth Promoter

Seaweed Gel Growth Promoter - Magic Gel-PR

Magic Gel-PR is a newly developed effective Seaweed gel growth promoter. It has been prepared from naturally occurring seaweeds and formulated by avoiding any chemical processes. It is an effective combination of extracts from red and brown seaweeds. It is 100% natural without any chemical preservatives except food additives.
It is a rich source of plant growth Hormones such as Auxin, Cytokinin & Gibberellins. It also contains Macro & Micronutrients, Secondary Nutrients in addition to some amino acids, Vitamins and humic acid. It also improves the soil health, formation and life processes.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT of Seaweed Gel Growth Promoter

Organic Seaweed extract

Seaweed Gel Growth Promoter CATEGORY

Promoter, Soil Microflora improver, Micronutrient's

Organic Seaweed Extract CONCENTRATION


Organic Seaweed Extract RECOMMENDED FOR CROPS

Magic Gel-PR is an ideal fertilizer for foliar application and in drip irrigation. It is recommended for all crops like Sugarcane, paddy, spice crops, vegetable crops, sunflowers, cotton, pulse crops, oilseed crops, and flowers crop etc., Yield improvement in all crops: up to 30-40% Methods of application Seed treatment: Dilute 5-10g concentrate in 1.0L water and soak the seeds for 1-2 hrs.


20g/16 Litres of water/02 Kg/Acre


1 Kg and 05 Kg Bucket


  • Improves germination efficacy Keeps the leaves green and increases productivity Provides adequate nutrients and trace elements to the plant Improves nutritional value of crops
  • Enrich Soil micro-flora and maintain ecological balance
  • Increases crop yield up to 30-40%
  • Enlarged Leaf Structure
  • Improves Plant Immunity
  • Increase crop yields
  • Improves Plant Immunity
  • Reduction of pesticides Reduction Of Chemical