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Transformative Plant Nutrient Solutions for Unparalleled Growth and Health

Prions Biotech's premium plant nutrient products are designed to take your farming and gardening endeavours to new heights. With our cutting-edge formulations, we prioritize your success by focusing on the benefits that will transform your crops and plants. Discover the exceptional potential of our products and unlock nature's secrets for optimal growth and health.

Humizyme-PR is a revolutionary liquid formulation boasting a 24% concentration of water-soluble Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Seaweed extract, Amino acids, and probiotics. By seamlessly blending with water, this organic formulation harmonizes with fertilizers and Micronutrients, maximizing nutrient absorption and plant vitality. Experience improved yields, enhanced root development, and increased stress tolerance.

JADOO ULTRA presents a game-changing combination of 90% water-soluble Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Seaweed extract, Amino acids, and Enzymes. When mixed with water, this liquid formulation creates an organic elixir that seamlessly integrates with fertilizers and Micronutrients. Witness the transformative power of improved nutrient availability, increase photosynthesis, and strengthened plant defences.

Black Gold-PR is a result of microbial degradation from organic matter found in water or soil. Its 100% water solubility ensures effortless integration into your plant nutrition regimen. Unleash the power of humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin, which play essential roles in root stimulation, nutrient absorption, and overall plant health. Experience unparalleled growth with this natural treasure.

Organic Carbon, crafted in accordance with the National Organic Standard Board guidelines, is a blend of organic extracts from Hypnum peat moss and Silica. This environmentally safe and plant-friendly product enhances the physical, chemical, and biological functions of agricultural soils.

Magic Gel-PR, a breakthrough seaweed gel growth promoter, harnesses the power of red and brown seaweeds. Its 100% natural composition, free from chemical preservatives, stimulates plant growth hormones, essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and humic acid. Nurture healthy soils, enhance plant vigour, and optimize vital life processes.

INOCULUM accelerates the decomposition of leaves, twigs, and litter material, preserving essential nutrients while narrowing down the C: N ratio. This formulation combines a variety of beneficial fungi, bacteria, and actinomycetes, ensuring efficient breakdown and nutrient recycling. Experience faster decomposition and nutrient release and a balanced ecosystem.

Stick-on plus-PR, a high-performance wetting, sticking, spreading, and penetrating agent, ensures superior weed control. Its liquid silicon-based organic formulation, enriched with organic adjuvants, optimizes wetting and penetration of plant foliage. Designed to maximize effectiveness and efficacy, this all-purpose solution guarantees quick wetting, ensuring your plants receive the care they deserve.

Unlock the true potential of your plants with Prions Biotech's groundbreaking plant nutrient products. Experience increased yields, improved stress tolerance, and enhanced overall plant health. Take the next step in achieving gardening and farming excellence.