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Aquaculture Probiotics and Enzymes for Biofloc System


Prions Biotech offers enzyme blend AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR. This formulation contains encapsulated organisms that help in FCR ratio, Immunity against vibrio and other Microbial infections, Enzymes help in digesting organic matter and removing Ammonia, and maintaining the water clean.
Biofloc technology and/or application of probiotics provide promising results to aquaculture in terms of improvement in the growth and survival of aquatic animals, along with other benefits such as maintaining water quality without causing pollution to the environment.


All types of Fish and Shrimp


200g AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR for 10000 liters of the tank. If the C: N Ratio has maintained no need to dose the second time. If not, repeat the dose at the beginning of the month.


B. subtilis, B. Licheniformis, B. Coagulans, B. Megaterium, B. polymyxa, B. pumilus, B. cereus, B. amyloliquefaciens, P. putida, P. denitrificans, P. pantotrophus, Rhodobacter, Rhodococcus, S. boulardii, Nitrobacter, T. denitrificans and Multi Enzymes.


1Kg and 25 Kg Bulk packing


  • AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR increases survival by up to 100%. Increases in growth rates are documented between 10% and 35%. AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR is reported to reduce the stress of Fish, shrimp, and shrimp farmers. Drastic reduction in the Ammonia and Hydrogen sulfide levels. Reduces chances of off-flavor problems.
  • Improves and maintains algal quality. Reduces VIBRIO- Healthier pond.
  • Function well in the Human body temperature range.
  • Increased yield and ultimately more profit in aquaculture shrimp production. Increases animal Immunity. Improved stress Tolerance. Consistency. Increase Survival rate. Improved Disease Resistance. Maintains Growth Improves Feed Conversion Rate and adds nutrients, and micro and macro minerals which help in the growth of floc and phytoplankton and natural blooms. It creates and maintains high AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR oxidizes ammonia to form nitrates. Enhances the natural nitrification cycle to convert nitrates into Nitric oxide, Nitrous oxide, and harmless nitrogen. It improves the uptake of nutrients and their retention in the soil. AQUA BIOFLOC PRO-PR converts complex compounds to a simple form for easy bio degradation. It is effective in a wide range of salinity (0-50ppt) and pH