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Boronated Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer with Ca+N+B

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Boronated Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer with Ca+N+B

Boronated Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer with Ca+N+B


Prions Biotech Pvt Ltd. Offers Boronated calcium Nitrate Nutrizyme-5G. It is a granular fertilizer with a combination of Ca+N+B.


Suitable for all crops

Packing Size

1 Kg & 25Kg

Boronated Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer BENEFITS

  • Prions Calcium Nitrate with Boron: (15.5% N + 18% Ca + 0.3% B)
  • Vital for the growth, physical strength, flowering fertilization, and fruit set of the plants
  • Highly water soluble. Ideal fertilizer for both soil and foliar applications
  • Contains dual nutrients calcium and boron important for fruits and vegetables
  • Increases uptake of other nutrients and provides uniform shape and color to produce Improves the strength of cell wall and plant growth, soil health
  • Improves crop's and product's luster quality and storage longevity
  • Improves tolerance to diseases, pests and environmental stress such as drought, flood, water logging, excessive heat, frost, etc
  • Increases yield both qualitatively and quantitatively.