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Natural Vitamin C for Aquaculture


Prions Biotech offers a natural photogenic blend of VITAMIN-C. This is a new concept in the Aqua ecosystem. This formulation contains natural photogenic extracts of herbs and Plant extracts. Natural organic extracts help in reconnecting nature by providing all the essential natural photogenic extract which is isolated and purified from the Natural ecosystem.
NATURAL VITAMIN-C meets higher physiological requirements of vitamin C in various conditions, especially during summer and other stressful conditions. A possible approach to counteracting the negative effects of heat stress.


PRIONS NATURAL VITAMIN - C Formulated using: Phytogenic extracts of Carrissa carandas, Moringa oleifera, Tamarindus indica, and Citrus fortified with natural vitamins and Minerals.


NATURAL VITAMIN-C should be used regularly throughout the year. In summer and in case of stress, VITC should also be added to drinking water.


In feed - 100g/MT for regular use | In water-7g/100 birds For Aquaculture: 10-20G/Kg of feed though Binding gel and Gut Probiotics / Aqua gut pro-PR

Not for medical use ❘ Not for human consumption


NATURAL VITAMIN-C is available in standard 500g standing pouch packing and can be also custom packed upon request.


  • Prevents heat stress
  • Improves FCR
  • Vitamin C in Aqua plays a critical role in the growth, strength, and immunity of poultry Aqua and other Animals.