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Enzyme Formulation for Odor Removal


(Enzymatically proven formulation for odor removal)

Prions Biotech offers enzyme blend ODORZYME- PR. It is a new concept in the Solid waste management, Bio toilets leather / slaughterhouse industry. Its active ingredients contain encapsulated organisms that digest organic matter.
Odorzyme-PR is designed to eliminate malodors caused by organic waste degradation, to include ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Odors from a wide range of organic wastes, including municipal waste, are the perfect target. The bacteria in Odorzyme-PR displace anaerobic bacteria that release noxious gases when breaking down waste with aerobic bacteria that do not. As an added benefit, solids decline as the rapidly reproducing aerobic bacteria process the waste.


Enzymes remove odors by causing a biological or chemical reaction. A type of protein, enzymes are produced by living organisms, but they are not alive. An enzyme is made up of a chain of amino acids, and it’s the changes to the sequence in the structure that dictates the function of the enzyme.
The two most common enzymes used in cleaning products are proteases and amylases, because they are food-based and are the catalysts behind removing and changing the physical properties in most protein related stains and odors. Essential oils which are topped up will release aromatic fragrance instantly. As soon as the Aerobic bacteria grows it will produce enzymes as a secondary metabolite during the stationary phase of its growth. The level of enzyme production will be maintained throughout the life cycle of Aerobic bacteria propagation.


  • High concentrated formula.
  • Maximum odor elimination.
  • Reduces sludge.
  • Effective under a wide range of conditions.
  • Work under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Can withstand toxic shock loads.
  • Never stop working.
  • Maximum operational savings.
  • Safe, environmentally friendly.


1. Odorzyme-PR is needed to substantially decrease landfill odors generated at the Ghillies Landfill.

2. A misting system will soon be installed around the perimeter of Ghillies releasing airborne odor treatment agents that neutralize odors. This liquid odor neutralizer will be used mainly for this system. Moreover, the same liquid odor neutralizer may be used at other Wasteserv Facilities to mitigate waste malodor via mobile atomizer.


  • Strong neutralising agent that binds to organic and non-organic airborne molecules in a way to effectively eliminate them.
  • The mixture will eliminate any odor producing bacteria, rather than act as a masking agent for the odors.
  • Odorzyme-PR will dissolve with volatile organic and toxic compounds to form a non-odorous by-product.
  • The liquid includes biodegradable essential oils to ensure release of a pleasant fragrance (Not to mask the odor).
  • Odorzyme-PR is efficient at eliminating odors generated from landfills, that include, household waste, industrial waste, compost and sewage treatment sludge.
  • Odorzyme-PR should be applicable for but not limited to, eliminating the following gaseous chemicals: Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Ester, Skatole, Indole, Organic Sulfide, Terpene, Organic Acid, Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen Oxide.
  • Odorzyme-PR will mix with water and be released through a series of fine misting nozzles and atomizer.
  • Odorzyme-PR is to be diluted with water at a rate of not more than 2% whilst retaining its effective properties.
  • Odorzyme-PR will be completely miscible in water forming a homogeneous mixture.
  • Non-Flammable.
  • Odorzyme-PR be non-Hazardous when sprayed in areas involving personnel and moving vehicles.
  • Odorzyme-PR is non-Toxic, even in high concentrations.
  • The liquid should have a shelf life greater than 24 months when stored outside. Exposed to all local weather conditions.