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Organic Disinfectant for Aquaculture

Aqua Safe-PR

Aqua Safe-PR is a unique liquid, organic, non-toxic, an antibiotic-free disinfectant formulation based on nano technology. It is an eco-friendly product that has many advantages like being toxic and irritating to live forms, besides leaving stains on the body. Due to its antimicrobial action, Aqua Safe-PR is used for external infection and effectively controls bacterial pathogens like Pseudomonas spps., Vibrio spps., Aeromonas specs., etc., fungal pathogens like Fusarium, Lagenedium, Pythium, etc., protozoans like Zoothamnium, Vorticella, etc., and viruses like Baculovirus.
Aqua Safe-PR is a Famous Standard Preparation Used as a cure and more as a general prevention of most Fish diseases commonly microbial infections.


Appearance: Dark Brown-Off white color Liquid | Density: 1.05 | Solubility: Highly Soluble in Water | pH (10% Solution): 6-6.5 | Toxicology: Is safe for mammals and plants. The product is nonmutagenic & carcinogenic


Fish Culture/Shrimp/Prawn ponds: Mix 01- 2 Litre Per Acre. 50ml/ Month for 10000 liters Biofloc tank.


Halogenated Polyoxyethylene Complex | Stabilizers | Emulsifires | Inert Fillers PRESENTATION: 1 liter, 5 liters, and 25 Litre can pack.


  • Aqua Safe-PR used swollen gills, red gills, tail rot, and broken appendages in shrimp/prawns
  • Aqua Safe-PR controls bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoan pathogens
  • Aqua Safe-PR provides a highly concentrated, stable & bioavailable form of essential iodine
  • Aqua Safe-PR protects the shrimp/prawn from secondary infection in case of wounds caused by external damages
  • Aqua Safe-PR is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-staining to the shrimp/prawn
  • Aqua Safe-PR, specially made for aquaculture, provides a conducive environment for growth to the shrimp/prawn
  • Aqua Safe-PR Widely Used In Fish Farms And Hatcheries All Over The World
  • Aqua Safe-PR also used by the Exporters of Aquarium Fishes To Cut Down Mortality Rates During Transit
  • Unlike Most Acriflavine Based Products Aqua Safe-PR Will Not Cause The Lethal Egg Binding In Most Fish.