Imported Fertilizers NPK 13:40:13



Contains N, P, and K with a relatively higher content of Phosphorus. It is a mixed grade with a 1:3:1 ratio.
It promotes crop growth by stimulating new root development.
It reduces flower drop, increases fruit setting and increases the yield and quality of the produce.
Useful at early flowering, early fruit formation, and fruit development stages, where the requirement of crops for P is more along with less of N and K Prions NPK (13:40:13) is available in a free-flowing crystalline form.


hrough fertigation: Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana, Cotton, Tomato, Onion, Sugarcane, Ginger, Turmeric, Watermelon, Floriculture, and Protected Cultivation Through foliar application: All crops.

Moisture percent by weight maximum 1.5 Total nitrogen (ammoniacal and urea) percent by weight, minimum 13.0 Available phosphorus as P205 percent by weight minimum 40.0 Water soluble potassium (as K20) percent by weight, minimum 13.0 Particle size minimum 90 percent of the material shall be between 1 mm and 4 mm IS sieve.