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Aquamin Forte

AQUAMIN FORTE is a chelated trace mineral, vitamins and probiotics that optimizes key production parameters above levels obtained by other chelated mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability. Only AQUAMIN FORTE can improve your bottom line by increasing health, decreasing mortality, improving feed efficiency and improving immune response.
AQUAMIN FORTE chelated trace minerals combine feed supplement with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. This protects the mineral from antagonists, allowing it to be more efficiently absorbed once reaching the small intestine. The result is greater bioavailability, digestive tract stability and a residual methionine effect that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed.

Enriched With:

Bioactive chromium, DL Methionine, Biotin, probiotics and Amino acids.

Mixing and Feeding Directions:

AQUAMIN FORTE may be fed either free choice or mixed with other feed. When feeding free choice, a covered mineral feeder is recommended to protect the mineral from the weather.
Consumption will vary with the type of ration being fed and the individual appetites of animals. If consumption is more than desired, offer salt free choice and if less than desired, remove supplemental salt. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.


Calcium Phosphorous | Magnesium | Manganese | Iron | Lodine | Copper | Cobalt Sulphur Potassium Sodium | Selenium | Vitamin A | Vitamin D3 | Vitamin E | Nicotinamide | Biotin | Bioactive Chromiun | DL-MethionineL | Lysine | Prebiotic


01 Kg and 10Kg Packing


  • Rapid growth promoter
  • 100% mass molting
  • Improves growth rate
  • EDTA Chelated Mineral protein vitamin Completely control algal blooming
  • Helps to prevent muck build up
  • Maintains optimum dissolved oxygen level, for easy aquatics breathe
  • Keeps pond/lake water free from floating clumps
  • Helps to maintain the healthy favorable ecosystem for the aquatics Safe for fish, Family, Pets and aquatic plants