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(Enzymatically proven formulation for Oil and Grease removal)
Prions Biotech offers the enzyme blend OILYZYME- PR. The Oilyzyme-FOG is a new concept in Oil and Grease trap / Hotels / Petroleum / Leather / Fatty acids/ slaughterhouse industry wastewater and solid waste. Its active ingredients have been developed by the Indian Biotechnology company (PRIONS BIOTECH). This formulation contains encapsulated organisms that digest organic matter and a detergent-cleaning substance that also has been made by Multi enzymes.


Membrane bioreactor
Activated sludge process.
Sequencing batch reactor.
Moving bed bioreactor Extended aeration system
Oil and Grease trap.


01Kg/01 Litre/ 05Litre, 25 and 50 L carbo packing.


  • High-concentrated formula
  • Maximum Oil and Grease elimination.
  • Reduces sludge. Reduces foaming. Effective under a wide range of conditions.
  • revent backups. Work under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Reduces FOG. Can withstand toxic shock loads.
  • Never stop working. Mitigates Odor problem Cleans entire trap.
  • Prevents component and pipe corrosion maximum operational savings.
  • Safe, environmentally friendly.