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Natural Zeolite for Aquaculture


PRIONS BIOTECH offers Natural Zeolite as a kind of aluminosilicate mineral, well-known for powerful ion-exchange capacity and strong adsorption, widely used as filter media, fertilizer, soil conditioner agent, aquaculture, and so on. Aquaculture grade Zeolite with the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Zeolite functions in Aquaculture Molecular sieves zeolites are crystalline sodium or calcium aluminum silicates. They are graded or classified based on their average pore diameter.
ZEOLITE AQUA-PR has a three-dimensional framework structure in which silicon and aluminum atoms are tetra hydraulic co-ordinated with oxygen atoms. The framework enfolds cavities containing water molecules and cations that are capable of undergoing dispersion and cation exchange.
Several organic substances are lying at the pond's bottom. These may contain unutilized food, dead plants & fish, excretion of fish, etc. All these substances decay. The proteinous portion in these substances is released in the form of 'Ammonia'. ZEOLITE AQUA-PR also releases other gases like sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.
Before decomposing to ammonia all organic products come to ammonium carbonate form. If Zeolites are present at this stage, they absorb ammonia through their 'Cation Exchange Capacity', thus developing a healthy environment for the prawns and fish to grow.
Prions ZEOLITE AQUA-PR is processed so that only refined micro crystalline forms high in Calcium and having tetrahedral structures are sieved out to attain a very high Cation Exchange Capacity of 390-400 m.e/100gm.


For pond preparation: 150-200 kgs per acre During Culture: Minimum 50-100 kgs per acre


Dosage and time can be adjusted based on prevailing culture conditions or as advised by your aquaculture consultant.


  • The powerful Sodium exchange capacity of more than 800g/cmt
  • Removing Ca and Mg ions from water
  • Large specific surface area and strong adsorption
  • Cleans Pond Bottom sludge by absorbing bacteria, suspended solids, waste, and dirty material
  • Strong static electricity, makes sewage reach discharge or drinking standards
  • Non-toxic, odorless, natural adsorbing material with no pollution to the environment | Good acid resistance and heat resistance (acid density within 2N, lattice broken temperature: 250-500 centigrade)
  • Purifies Water by absorbing H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), NH3 (Ammonia) and other toxic gases from water
  • Increases D.0, indirectly helps to increase the amount of Dissolved Oxygen in the pond bottom with special active elements SiO2 and A1203
  • Helps in the reproduction of plankton: Because of improved water quality and special nutrients, Prions ZEOLITE AQUA-PR helps in better growth and reproduction of plankton
  • Remove bad odor and improve water quality.