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Empowering Crop Growth and Protection with Innovative Plant Protector Solutions

Prions Biotech's revolutionary plant protector products are designed to enhance your crop yield and ensure a healthier, disease-resistant harvest. Discover the power of our advanced formulations and unlock the true potential of your plants.

MICRO SHIELD-PR the secrets of nature's nutrition with our unique supplement based on the salt of Phosphoric acid. Boost your plants' growth, increase the size of fruits and vegetables, and fortify them against notorious diseases like DAMPING OFF, KOLEROGA OF ARECANUT, WILT, DOWNY MILDEW, and more.

PRIONS A.M.C (ARKA Microbial Consortium) contains nitrogen-fixing, phosphate & zinc solubilizing, and plant growth promoting microbes. Lower your cultivation costs and achieve sustainable vegetable production effortlessly.

Grub Ban-PR is an effective solution that contains infective juveniles of Entomopathogenic nematodes, Heterorhabditis indica. With a unique mechanism of action, Grub Ban-PR swiftly eliminates grubs in areca nut, sugarcane, banana, cardamom, groundnut, potato, corn, and turf grass.

METASAFE-PR Infused with the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, it eradicates soil pests like white grubs and termites. Its efficacy extends to a range of notorious pests, including whiteflies, aphids, grasshoppers, termites, and more. Embrace sustainable pest control and protect your crops like never before.

Embark on a new era of organic agriculture with Prions Biotech BIOMIX-PR (bio-augmentation technology). Shields plant roots from soil-borne pathogens, enhances plant immunity against leaf curl and microbial infections, and promotes overall plant growth.

Safeguard your crops against bacterial diseases with Bacure-PR. This potent formulation effectively controls phytopathogenic bacteria, providing both preventive and curative benefits. Viricure-PR is enriched with medical herbs extracts and oils and offers comprehensive prevention and cure for all viral ailments.

Protect-PR is formulated with a balanced blend of medical herbs extracts, it combats root rot, black rot, wilt, leaf spots, downy mildew, and early and late blight. Embrace a healthier and disease-free growing environment.

Larwin-PR is a non-toxic blend of herbal extracts that effectively controls rice stem borer & leaf borer, sugar cane shot and top borer, cabbage moths, and worms infesting various fruits and vegetables. Protect your harvest and ensure its pristine quality.

Flywin-PR is your ally in controlling whiteflies without harming your plants. Suitable for all farming practices, this 100% natural and safe formulation ensures a whitefly-free environment, allowing your crops to thrive.

Experience the difference that Prions Biotech's plant protector products can make in your agricultural endeavours!