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Organic Medicine for White Gut Prevention

Gut Booster-PR

Prions Gut Booster-PR Helps In Digesting The Feed Rapidly, making The Nutrients Bioavailable & Further Controlling Harmful Bacteria In The Cut Leading To Rapid Growth & Improved Health Of Fish. Fish Growth Depends On the Digestibility Of Fish Feed And the Bio-availability Of The Nutrients. An Increased Bio-availability Of The Nutrients Contained In The Fish Feed Will Has A Positive Effect On The Growth And Performance Of Cultured Fishes. The Anti-nutrient Factors(amps)present In The Feed Must Be Digested For Effected Efficient Release Of Nutrients And Harmful Bacteria Present In The Gut Of Fish Must Be Controlled For Rapid Growth And Healthier Fish.
This Can Be Achieved Through Adding A Carefully Chosen Mix Of Herbal And Enzymatic Feed Additives For Improving The Digestibility Of The Complex Feed. Prions Gut Booster-pr Is Efficient In Digesting The Feed Rapidly, Making The Nutrients Bioavailable, And Further Controlling Harmful Bacteria In The Gut, Leading To Rapid Growth And Improved Health Of The Fish.
Regular Use Of Prions Gut Booster-PR Accelerates The Growth Of The Fish By Manifolds And Results In Visibly Healthier Fish, Saving The Culture Costs And Increasing Profits.


All types of Fish and shrimp. To treat white gut - Use 10 -15g/Kg of feed. For better results try NATURAL VITAMIN-C


Calcium | Phosphorous | Magnesium | Manganese | Iron | Lodine | Copper | Cobalt Sulphur Potassium Sodium | Selenium | Vitamin A | Vitamin D3 | Vitamin E | Nicotinamide | Biotin | Bioactive Chromiun | DL-MethionineL | Lysine | Prebiotic


Prions Gut Booster-PR Is Available In 1 Kg & 5 Kg


  • Accelerates Feed Intake
  • Reduces Culture Period
  • Improves Fcr
  • Improves Meat Quantity
  • Reduces White gut
  • Accelerate Weight Gain
  • Organic Product
  • Prevents white gut and Loose shell
  • Molting