Enzyme Blend for Efficient Silage Fermentation - Silage Cult-PR

Silage Cult-PR


Prions Biotech offers enzyme blend SILAGE CULT PR. The SILAGE CULT-PR, silage inoculant is a kind of forage preserved by anaerobic fermentation of lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which transfer water soluble carbohydrate to lactic acid and decrease the pH value to inhibit contaminated bacteria's growth. Its active ingredients have been developed by the Indian Biotechnology company (PRIONS BIOTECH). This formulation contains encapsulated organisms that digest, organic matter and a digestive enzymes substance that also has been made by microorganisms.


100g/ 01MT of Silage


1kg, 5kg, and 50kg


  • Improve the efficiency of silage fermentation silage dry matter and fiber Increase digestibility of Increase aerobic stability of silage Increase forage palatability and feed intake. Reduce silo temperature and the loss of nutrients
  • Reduces dry matter loss
  • Improve nutrient value
  • Reduce silage pH