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Protein and Vitamin Supplement for Shrimp and Fish


Pro Vita Gel- PR is a customized natural protein and vitamin product of the Indian Biotechnology company, PRIONS BIOTECH PVT LTD. Pro Vita Gel- PR is the unique biological formulation that is chosen for 100% green technology to feed shrimp and fish. Usage of powder form nutritional supplements like Probiotics and vitamins at farms is on the rise in aquaculture. Powders however need to be bonded to feed pellets to prevent them from leaching into the pond water.
Pro Vita Gel- PR gel is a stable, bio available, attractive binder with good nutritive value and is convenient to handle. Pro Vita Gel- PR helps in forming a coat around the powder to prevent it from leaching & helps maximize the delivery of nutritional supplements to the prawn & fish.


Use 10-20g of Pro Vita Gel- PR /kg of feed Shrimp/Fish.


Pro Vita Gel- PR is a very stable product in gel form retaining over 95% of activity for at least 22-24 months.
It should be stored at room temperature.


01, 05 Litre, and 25 Litre HDPE Carbos


  • PRO VITA GEL-PR binds all powder from medicinal, nutrient, and Probiotic supplements to the feed Water stable and increases the bioavailability of the feed supplements
  • Enriched with carotenoid content, which improves pigmentation in shrimps
  • Improves palatability of feed and helps in easy digestion with attractive taste, flavor, and palatability.