Harness Nature's Power with Prions Biotech's Biofertilizers

Prions Biotech's biofertilizer products are designed to transform your plants and maximize their growth potential. Discover the benefits of TRICHORICH-PR, PSEUDO-PR, ORGANIC PHOS, ORGANIC POTASH, VAM-PR, RHIZO BAC-PR, NANO BIO N.P.K, AZOTO-PR, AZOSPIRILLUM-PR, BIO ZINC-PR, SOIL CULT-PR, and BACTAGROWZYME-PR, and unlock the true power of nature in your farms and gardens.

Trichoderma Viride is a powerful biofertilizer that shields your plant roots against diseases like stem rot, root rot, damping off, etc.

PSEUDO-PR is a selective strain of Pseudomonas fluorescens that acts as a shield, preventing the penetration of harmful nematodes. Your plants will grow abundantly, thanks to this efficient biofertilizer.

Boost your plants' phosphorus uptake with ORGANIC PHOS. These beneficial bacteria convert unavailable phosphorus into an easily absorbable form, ensuring optimal growth for all types of crops. Say hello to abundant harvests!

ORGANIC POTASH is a biofertilizer, packed with potash solubilizing frateuria bacteria, and unlocks the hidden potential of soil nutrients. For stronger stems and vibrant foliage.

VAM-PR is the ultimate soil inoculant. Featuring a blend of mycorrhizae, amino acids, kelp extracts, and humic acids, this powerful formulation stimulates root development and improves nutrient uptake.

RHIZO BAC-PR is a solubilizing nitrogen in the soil, these active cells make this vital nutrient easily accessible to your plants.

BIO N.P.K. is an organic microbial formulation synthesizes atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes phosphate and potash, and converts micronutrients into available forms. Provide your plants with the ideal nutrient mix they need.

AZOTO-PR and AZOSPIRILLUM-PR these biofertilizers contain active cells of nitrogen solubilizing bacteria that efficiently convert feed nitrogen in the soil into an easily usable form.

BIO ZINC-PR is packed with zinc solubilizing bacteria, this biofertilizer ensures the availability of this essential micronutrient for your plants.

SOIL CULT-PR is a groundbreaking soil ecosystem concept. This unique formulation introduces essential microflora isolated and purified from natural soil, including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.

BACTAGROWZYME-PR is an eco-friendly plant growth vitalizer that harnesses the power of bioaugmentation and nanotechnology. Experience enhanced nutrient uptake, vibrant leaf and flower pigmentation, disease resistance, and increased productivity.