Wastewater treatment has assumed great significance in today's context, where protecting the environment is a prime concern. The main objective of wastewater treatment is to treat the effluent before it is discharged so that the environment is not polluted. Wastewater treatment in general refers to the treatment of suspended and floatable material, the treatment of biodegradable organics, and the elimination of pathogenic organisms. The contamination in the wastewater is removed by physical, chemical, and biological means, this water is effectively maintained by Envirozyme-PR.


This product finds application in industries like Agro Breweries and Distilleries | Coffee and Tea estates | Dairy | Food processing | Paper | Leather | Hotel | Sugar Pharmaceutical | Textiles | Municipal and Industrial waste treatment


20 PPM of the total plant volume for six alternative days. From the 13th day onwards weekly twice 5 PPM regular maintenance dosage.


01Kg/01 Litre/ 05Litre, 25 and 50 L carbo packing.


  • Sludge volume will be reduced more, as more solids are digested
  • Remove bad odor
  • Sludge will be easier to pump, process, and dewater and will have less odor too. The capacity of the system will be effectively increased because more waste can be processed, more effectively in, less time
  • Easier to balance the treatment system
  • Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete
  • Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly, easier planning and routine waste.