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Natural Disease Control for Shrimp and Fish


Plankton Booster-PR is a unique choice to control the disease naturally. Numerous polysaccharides and nutrients can stimulate the immune system. Plankton booster-PR is a combination of glucans, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, and choline chloride which stimulates immunity in shrimp and Fish.


Ideal to be utilized in all pH conditions | Prevents phosphates fixation | Improves quantity of plankton


Helps to produce phyto and zooplanktons rapidly | Plankton Booster-PR avoids fixation of phosphates. | Plankton Booster-PR performs both in low and high Ph conditions | Plankton Booster-PR takes care of the solubilization of phosphates in the water column and as well as at the pond bottom.


Mix 1 kg of Plankton Booster-PR with 1 kg of jaggery and store for 48 hours fermentation broadcast through the boat.


1 kg/1 acre or as advised by the aqua consultant.


  • Improves shrimp resistance
  • Improves the function of hepatopancreas
  • Maximizes feed intake and growth
  • Increases bloom development
  • Increases the weight of shrimp and fish Promotes growth of phytoplankton
  • Improves water clarity
  • Triggers growth in shrimp Prophylactic approach to secure shrimp culture
  • Enriched with carotenoid content, which improves pigmentation in shrimps
  • Easily digestible
  • Easy to store and safe to use.