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VITA PRO GOLD-PR - Vitamin, Protein, and Chelated Trace Mineral Supplement


VITA PRO GOLD-PR is a Vitamin, protein, and chelated trace minerals combined feed supplement with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. This protects the mineral from antagonists. Allowing it to be more efficiently absorbed once reaching the small intestine. This results in greater bioavailability and digestibility.


02 liters per acre/ 10 ml per 1Kg of feed
For Hatcheries: Maturation tank: 10PPM
Larval tank: 2PPM
PL Tanks: 5 PPM
As advised by an aquaculture consultant.


Calcium | Phosphorous | Magnesium | Manganese | Iron | Lodine | Copper | Cobalt Sulphur Potassium | Sodium | Selenium | Vitamin A | Vitamin D3 | Vitamin E | Nicotinamide | Biotin | Bioactive Chromiun | DL-MethionineL | Lysine | Prebiotic


1 liter, 5 liters, and 25 Litre can pack.


  • 100% Mass molting
  • Improves and balances the grow-molt-grow cycle without any soft or loose shell problems
  • Prevents white muscle
  • Prevents body cramps
  • Helps better growth and body weight
  • Improves the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Improves Growth Rate
  • Increases the feed digestibility that improves feed intake even in poor climatic conditions
  • Improves the immune system of the animal, thus increasing disease resistance
  • Enhances ability to overcome stress
  • Better assimilation of nutrients and microelements
  • Improves gut micro flora and reduces white gut problems
  • Helps in tissue repair and wound healing
  • Increases survival rates
  • Improves the shrimp hemocyte profile