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Organic Nutrizyme-5G for Rapid Nutrient Uptake in Plants - EDTA Chelated Combi

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Organic Nutrizyme-5G for Rapid Nutrient Uptake in Plants

Organic Nutrizyme-5G for Rapid Nutrient Uptake in Plants - EDTA Chelated Combi

Organic Nutrizyme-5G Combi is a fully chelated spray-dried multi-micronutrient and the most renowned product by a continuous chelating process for rapid uptake by the plants. Nanoparticles used here help to get a dust-free microgranular formulation. Which protects against premature fixation and ensures the plant can absorb and utilize the nutrients rapidly.
It has a balanced composition of all micronutrients, in which Fe, Zn, Cu, and Mn are in chelated form. B and Mo are soluble salts making Nutrizyme 5G 100% water soluble. It takes care of nutrient deficiency which cannot be easily seen through symptoms on the crops. Nanozyme 5G acts as a curative treatment for specific deficiencies in plants particularly fruits and vegetables. Flexible application via foliar spray or fertigation saves time and application costs


In case of deficiency several treatments at a higher application rate should be carried out at 2-4 weeks intervals. For prevention purposes repeated treatment with lower application rates is sufficient in phases of vigorous growth or when yield is forming.
2-3g/liter of water spray in intervals of 20 days.


For drips irrigation systems 200-300 gm of ORGANIC NUTRIZYME 5G COMBI should be mixed in 1000ltr. Need to drench in the interval of water every 20 days for 3 times/crop.


2.0% Fe Iron | 4.0% Zn Zinc | 1.5 % Mn Manganese | 0.5% Cu Copper 1.5% B Boron | 0.05% Mo Molybdenum | 2.0% Mg Magnesium


Guaranteed Analysis (W/W)-Karnataka Grade 1(1) (Zn-3%, Fe-2%, Mn-1%,B-0.5%)


250g/500g/1000g/500ml/1 Litre and 5 Litre packing