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Conquer Industrial Odours with Odorzyme-PR

Managing unpleasant smells in industrial environments is a major challenge, but with Prions Biotech's Odorzyme-PR, you've got a revolutionary solution at your fingertips. This advanced formula isn't just about masking odours; it's about completely eliminating them, ensuring a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in various heavy-duty settings.

Understanding the Challenge of Industrial Odours

Industrial facilities like sewage and effluent treatment plants, sludge processing areas, and food processing units face the continuous challenge of managing odours. These smells can significantly affect the quality of the working environment and can even impact community relations. Traditional methods often involve merely covering up these odours with fragrances, which is a temporary solution that does not tackle the root of the problem.

How Odorzyme-PR Works?

Odorzyme-PR uses a cutting-edge approach to odour control. By misting this solution into the air, it actively neutralizes odour molecules on contact. This process transforms these molecules into harmless substances, thereby cleaning the air and eliminating the odour at its source. It's a game-changer for environments that deal with intense and persistent smells.

Benefits of Using Odorzyme-PR

The use of Odorzyme-PR brings numerous benefits:

  • Effective Odour Elimination: Goes beyond masking to completely remove odours.
  • Safe for the Environment: The formula is eco-friendly, posing no harm to the environment.
  • Versatile Applications: Effective in a variety of settings, including chemical and pharmaceutical units, composting sites, and more.
  • Improved Air Quality: Enhances the overall air quality, making industrial sites safer and more comfortable for workers and nearby residents.
Odorzyme PR

Real-World Applications

Odorzyme-PR is not limited to one type of industry. It is effective across multiple settings:

  • Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants: Odorzyme-PR helps in neutralizing the offensive odors that commonly emanate from the treatment and processing of wastewater. This not only improves the air quality but also enhances the working conditions for employees and the surrounding community's environment.
  • Sludge Processing Areas: These areas deal with significant organic decomposition, which can produce intense odors. Odorzyme-PR effectively breaks down the odor molecules, ensuring a cleaner and more tolerable atmosphere.
  • Slaughter Houses: Known for their strong and often unpleasant odors due to blood and organic waste, slaughterhouses can benefit from Odorzyme-PR by minimizing the impact of these odors on workers and nearby areas.
  • Fish Processing Units: Fish processing involves odors from fish waste and decomposition. Odorzyme-PR can be used to significantly reduce such odors, making the processing units more hygienic and less offensive to the senses.
  • Food Processing Units: Food processing can create a range of odors from different ingredients and products. Using Odorzyme-PR helps maintain a neutral odor environment, crucial for quality control and worker comfort.
  • Composting and Dumping Grounds: Composting organic material releases gases that can be malodorous. Odorzyme-PR treats these odors effectively, improving the sustainability and acceptance of these essential waste management practices.
  • Chemical and Pharma Units: Chemical synthesis and pharmaceutical processing can generate volatile and sometimes hazardous odors. Odorzyme-PR neutralizes these odors, contributing to safer and more compliant industrial operations.
  • Solid Waste Management: Managing solid waste involves dealing with decomposition odors. Odorzyme-PR can be applied to manage these odors effectively, aiding in more efficient and less disruptive waste management operations.
  • Dumping Yards: Large-scale waste accumulation sites, such as dumping yards, are significant sources of industrial odors. Odorzyme-PR helps control these odors, reducing environmental impact and improving local air quality.
  • Each of these applications highlights the versatility and effectiveness of Odorzyme-PR in managing and eliminating industrial odors across a wide range of environments and industries.

    Customer Experiences

    Users of Odorzyme-PR have reported remarkable improvements in their work environments. Facilities managers have noted a drastic reduction in complaints about odours, and workers express greater satisfaction with their cleaner, fresher workplace.

    The Prions Biotech Revolution

    Joining the revolution in odour management with Prions Biotech means investing in a sustainable, effective solution that benefits everyone from workers to local communities. Prions Biotech Pvt Ltd is committed to redefining how industrial odours are managed, promoting a healthier, more enjoyable work environment.


    In conclusion, Odorzyme-PR by Prions Biotech is much more than an odor eliminator. It is a comprehensive solution that transforms the industrial landscape by tackling odours head-on with innovative science. By choosing Odorzyme-PR, industries can ensure a pleasant, odour-free environment that is both worker-friendly and community-friendly.

    Enzyme Formulation for Odor Removal

    Frequently Asked Questions - Odorzyme-PR


    Odorzyme-PR begins to neutralize odours immediately upon application, with noticeable improvements in air quality typically observed shortly after.


    Yes, Odorzyme-PR is designed to be safe and effective in a variety of industrial settings, including those with stringent safety standards.


    Absolutely, Odorzyme-PR is effective both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile option for any location dealing with odours.


    Unlike other products that mask odours, Odorzyme-PR eliminates them by breaking down the odour molecules into non-odorous substances.